Betfred is a large independent bookmaker based in the North of England. The have an online casino which is geared towards slots. They have table games like blackjack and roulette from Playtech but the stakes are limited.

This is a double edged sword. You can’t bet very much so you can’t lose very much but on the other hand, you can’t win that much either. Personally I think its a good thing as it stops you from chasing. If you start playing for 10p, that escalates to 20p, to 50p and before you know it, you’re betting £50 a hand.

At Betfred the limits are low. Minimum bet for Blackjack is £1 but the max bet is £10 on the computer generated blackjack. This stops you chasing losing games by doubling up.


On the live roulette, the minimum bet is £2.50 and the maximum bet £12.50. This is low for a live blackjack table.


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